Mumbai, July 25:  The price of tomatoes in the Indian markets hiked from Rs 60 Rs 90 kg in last few days. The tomato rates in Delhi and many other cities reached to Rs 100 due to the shortage. On the other hand, in Indore, half-a-dozen armed security guards have been posted around a truck carrying tomatoes. As reported by ANI, the tomatoes in Indore have been given security to safe guard the expensive vegetable as it is being stolen in the city. Similar incidents of tomatoes being stolen have been reported in many parts of the country. At least 300 kg of tomatoes were stolen from the vegetable market in Mumbai’s Dahisar on July 20, reported ANI. These tomatoes were worth Rs 7,000.

The rates of tomatoes are expected to rise further for at least two weeks as the crop is not being received from many tomato growing places. In Maharashtra, due to heavy rainfall in Nasik, many crops have been damaged. Also, in the farmers’ strike in different states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Maharashtra, tomatoes were damaged as a part of agitation. In Madhya Pradesh, many farmers dumped the tomatoes on the roads after a bumper production brought its price to lower than Re 1 per kg about a month ago.

A strike called in Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi by various associations led to a further hike in prices, say reports. A lot of tomato vendors at the mandi have been sitting on a protest against the unauthorised occupation of their sheds for the past five days, says a TOI report. These vendors have been demanding the sacking of the agricultural produce marketing committee’s secretary. Santosh Narang, a wholesaler of Indore’s Devi Ahilya Bai Holker vegetable mandi told Hindustan Times, “Security of tomatoes with its skyrocketing prices is of considerable concern for wholesalers. Thieves attacked a tomato laden truck and looted 2600 kg tomatoes in Mumbai on July 15. This has added to Indore men’s concerns.” The tomato rates are expected to come down from mid-August and September, reports ANI.