New Delhi: Many countries are concerned that Pakistani terrorists might launch attacks in India in the wake of the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status guaranteed by the Article 370, the United States said, according to a PTI report.

“I think many have concerns that Pakistan keep a lid on terror groups that might conduct cross-border activities as a result of Kashmir decisions, and I don’t sense that China wants that kind of conflict or would support that,” assistant secretary of defence for Indo-pacific Security Affairs, Randall Shriver, said to a Washington audience.

Mr Shriver was responding to a question whether China would support Pakistan in the aftermath of the revocation of Article 370.

“I think it (China’s support to Pakistan on Kashmir) is mostly diplomatic and political support,” Mr Shriver said.

“They (Chinese) have supported Pakistan in the international fora. There is some discussion about whether or not Kashmir would be taken up in the UN, China would support that. But in terms of something beyond that or more active, I don’t see it,” the top Pentagon official said.

Referring to the ongoing visit of India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, Mr Shriver said the US is having consultations with him.

“We have talked about our relationship with China. They want a stable relationship with China, but there’s no doubt that there is growing concern and competition there as well. So I think on a range of issues to include Kashmir, China has leaned toward Pakistan,” Mr Shriver said.

The alert comes at the same time when about 20 entry routed along the India-Pakistan border have been identified. Muti-tier security has been put in place to prevent any attempt to infiltrate by armed terrorists, the report said. According to intelligence inputs, over 60 armed terrorists have infiltrated along the Line of Control and over 20 terrorists from the LoC areas in the last two months.