New Delhi: Defending Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi who has been accused of sexual harassment, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in a blog post said that a set of “institution disruptors” have launched an attack on the CJI based on “completely unverified allegations”. Jaitley’s statement comes a day after a junior ex-lady employee of the Supreme Court accused Gogoi of sexual harassment.Also Read - Wheat Prices Hit Record High in Global Markets After India Bans Export

In the blog post titled ‘It’s Time to Stand up With the Judiciary’, Arun Jaitley claimed that the complainant had distributed copies of her representation to other judges of the Supreme Court and the media in order to sensationalise her allegations. Also Read - Thomas Cup Final 2022 Highlights: India Clinch Their First-Ever Thomas Cup, Win 3-0 Against Indonesia

Slamming the so-called ‘institutional disruptors’ Jaitley observed, “They go public against individual judges, including the Chief Justice, when they fail to get a favourable order. They carry on social media campaigns against judges who write judgements adverse to them. They have little regard for truth but masquerade as protectors of public interest.” Also Read - Top 7 Most Beautiful Train Routes In India

The Union Minister said that reputation is an integral part of a person’s fundamental right to live with dignity. “An intimidated judge can fear consequences of a possible view that he is taking. It is, therefore, essential that all well-meaning persons stand with the judicial institution when destabilizers get ready for an assault.”

“When four digital media organisations with an unparalleled track record of ‘institutional disruption’ send similar questionnaires to the Chief Justice of India, there is obviously something more than what meets the eye,” noted Jaitley.

Jaitley claimed that the “destabilisers represent Left or ultra-left views, have no electoral base or popular support but still have a disproportionate presence in the media and the academia.” He added,”When ousted for mainstream media, they have taken refuge in the digital and social media. They continue to believe in the old Marxian philosophy of ‘wrecking the system from within.’ They use free speech to destroy the judicial institution.”

Meanwhile, the CJI on Saturday rubbished the allegation of sexual harassment levelled against him, saying that there was a “larger conspiracy” to destabilise the independence of the judiciary.

(With agency inputs)