New Delhi, Nov 9: Former Union Minister Arun Shourie is lately targeted over the social media by the followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who once used to celebrate the articles of the former BJP veteran when he supported their revered leader. Shourie, once known for his relentless support to Modi has now turned his critic.

Speaking during a television discussion arranged by news channel NDTV, Shourie claimed that BJP’s overt and covert campaign is increasingly turning negative. He also mentioned how supporters of Modi are abusing him on social media and did not even chose to spare his specially challenged son who is suffering from cerebral palsy. (ALSO READ: Arun Shourie slams PM Modi; describes PMO weakest ever, opines Manmohan Singh as more effective)

“If you gave me an opportunity to read the kind of abuse that has been hurled at me and my handicapped son, your viewers will be horrified. They wrote, ‘Iska mental son hai, woh aur bhi mental banega‘ (His mentally ill son will now turn even more mad),” Shourie said in a visibly upset manner.

BJP spokesperson Vinay Sahasrabuddhe present on the panel expressed disappointment over the type of treatment meted out towards Shourie. In an apologist manner, he cited the advise given by the Prime Minister to social media users urging them to stop using the platform for spreading online hatred. “Narendra Modi, while interacting with the BJP supporters, very clearly told them that they have to mind their language. Social media is not a platform for spreading hatred,” he said.

However, countering him, Arun Shourie pointed out that the miscreants who hurled abuse at his mentally challenged child are followed by Narendra Modi himself. “These damned fools are followed by the PM on the social media,” he added.

Shourie, who once was an admirer of Modi turned critical of the Prime Minister alleging him of failing to live up to his pre-poll promises. In a recent public gathering, Shourie went on to say that the current PMO is the weakest ever, and the people of the country are now recalling the tenure of Dr Manmohan Singh.