New Delhi: Taking disciplined measures against coronavirus, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday unveiled a 5-T action plan to combat Covid-19 in the national capital which includes testing, tracing, treatment, team-work and tracking and monitoring. Also Read - From April 7, Delhi Govt to Provide Ration to Poor People Who Don’t Have Ration Cards, Says Kejriwal

The CM said that the government has prepared the ‘5 Ts plan’ after talking to experts and the plan will help the city government in controlling the coronavirus outbreak in Delhi in the time to come. Also Read - My Whole Year Was Almost Like a Lockdown: When Kejriwal Was in Isolation But For Some Other Reason

The first ‘T’: Random testing

Giving an example of South Korea, the CM said that the first plan is to conduct over 1 lakh tests in the next few days in the wake of the pandemic and testing kits for 50,000 people have been ordered. Random testing will also be done in hotspots and a large number of quarantine centres are being set up in Delhi, he said.

Notably, the Delhi government is the first government in the country to do random testing to detect coronavirus positive cases.

Second ‘T’: Tracing

Calling Tracing as the 2nd T, the CM said that it is being done well in Delhi and the state government is also taking the help of Police in this matter.

”We have given them the phone numbers of 27,702 people to find out if the people, under self-quarantine, are indeed staying at homes. As our testing is ramped up we will trace every single contact of positive cases through cellphone triangulation We will keep 24 hour tabs on those in home quarantine to ensure they’re following it. We aim to be a few steps ahead of the virus, ” the CM said.

He further said his government will share with the Delhi Police the phone numbers of Tablighi Jamaat Nizamuddin Markaz religious congregation attendees to trace and ascertain whether they moved in nearby areas.

Third ‘T’: Treatment of COVID-19  positive cases

Commenting on the preparedness of the government while dealing with Covid-19 cases, Kejriwal said that 2,950 beds are currently reserved for COVID-19 patients in different hospitals and added that arrangements will be made for 8,000 beds.

In case of a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, the CM said that the Delhi government is further set to take over 12,000 hotel rooms in the city.

Fourth ‘T’: Teamwork by government officials

Remarking that coronavirus cannot be fought alone, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, ”I am happy to see that all the governments today are working together to fight the pandemic.We cannot rest until all states in India are COVID-free for which all govts are working as one team. There is no alternative to teamwork.”

He also lauded the doctors, nurses and medical staff for their services and said that their well-being is of utmost importance.

Doctors and nurses are the essential members of this family. We have to save them anyhow, they are our soldiers and we need to take care of their families,” said CM Kejriwal.

Fifth ‘T’: Tracking and monitoring

Talking about the 5th T, Kejriwal said that as the CM of Delhi, he will be responsible for ensuring all variables fall into place and he will also be accountable if they don’t.

“Fifth T is tracking and monitoring. I have spoken so much, but these things need to be tracked and monitored as well and it’s my responsibility to track the moment to moment plan we have prepared. I am tracking it 24 hours. We can win this battle as a team if we remain three steps ahead of COVID-19,” he added.