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Bengaluru/New Delhi, Mar 16: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was being treated at Jindal Nature Cure Institute near Bengaluru for chronic cough, asthma-related problems and high blood sugar levels, is expected to be discharged on Monday afternoon, and will return to national capital New Delhi thereafter. Dr. Babina Nandakumar, Chief Medical Officer at the Jindal Nature Cure Institute, said Sunday, “The Delhi Chief Minister who was admitted here on March 5 for his chronic cough and asthma-related problems will be discharged from the institute by 2 p.m. tomorrow (Monday).” (ALSO READ: Arvind Kejriwal to return Delhi on Monday after 10-day course at Jindal Health Nature Care in Bengaluru) Also Read - Delhi-NCR Air Pollution: Supreme Court Re-Imposes Construction Ban, Delhi Govt to Pay Rs 5000 to Affected Workers

“His current sugar level is, fasting at 90mg/dl and post prandial at 130mg/dl and his medication has been reduced to 30 percent compared to at the time of his admission to this institute,” she added. Forty-six-year-old Kejriwal will be discharged from the institute after final check-up and briefing by doctors treating him. Doctors have reportedly advised him to continue with his prescribed regime, including diet and exercises for another fortnight to maintain his improved health. Also Read - Only CNG, Electric Trucks Allowed to Enter Delhi From Nov 27

Kejriwal’s chronic cough was treated by traditional nature cure treatments that included hydrotherapy, massages, packs and mud therapy, along with yoga and diet therapy. Naturopathy treatment involves no medication, but detoxification of the body through yogic exercises, breathing techniques (kriyas), cleansing of the unwanted liquids and secretions (plegm) and prescribed diet. Kejriwal has had similar treatment in February 2012. During his current spell of treatment, Kejriwal parents-Gobind Ram and Gita Devi were staying with him in a three bedroom cottage named “Nest” in the midst of the sprawling green campus on the National Highway 4. (ANI)