New Delhi, Apr 13: The office of Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal spent a total of Rs 1.03 crore on tea and snacks during the three years of his tenure, a response to an RTI query revealed. The RTI reply also stated that the Delhi government spent a total Rs 11.99 lakh on Kejriwal’s travel since he took over as the Chief Minister of the national capital. The information was revealed by a Haldwani-based activist Hemant Singh Gauniya who had filed an RTI query in February.

In the financial year 2015-16, Arvind Kejriwal‘s office spent Rs 23.12 lakh on tea and snacks, whereas the amount stood at Rs 46.54 lakh in the financial year 2016-17, the information revealed earlier this week. A total Rs 33.36 lakh was spent on tea and snacks at the Delhi CM’s office in the financial year 2017-18. Kejriwal drew up these expenses at his secretariat office and his residence camp office. Expenses of the camp office stood at Rs 5,59,280 while expenses of tea and snacks in his secretariat office stood at Rs 17,53,150.

“This is an expense which should be controlled and the money should be spent on people who are not in a condition to afford a single meal in a day. I hope the government will cut such expenses for the greater good,” Gauniya was quoted as saying. In a similar RTI filed by Gauniya in February this year, it was revealed that Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat spent over Rs 68 lakh on snacks and refreshment for his guests in 10 months of his tenure.

In 2016, an RTI query had revealed that Arvind Kejriwal‘s office spent Rs 47.29 lakh – Rs 22,42,320 at his secretariat office and Rs 24,86,921 at his residence camp office – for tea and snacks.