New Delhi, June 19: A group of mice allegedly destroyed currency worth Rs 12 lakh in a State Bank of India (SBI) ATM in Tinsukia. The ATM had been shut since May 20 due to a technical error.

The matter was reported when a group of technicians visited the area to fix the ATM (DFBK – 000196116). What they found was nothing sort of a shocking sight!

Indian currency worth Rs 12,38,000 was shredded into pieces. The bank officials said that the notes were destroyed by mice.

FIS: Global Business Solutions, which runs the Tinsukia ATM, had deposited Rs 29 lakh in the ATM on May 19. The ATM, however, stopped working the very next day.

“We have been able to salvage about Rs 17 lakhs,” a bank official said, The Indian Express reported.

Some locals have, however, expressed suspicion over the matter.