New Delhi: An image of a detention centre with people crammed inside has been doing the rounds on social media amid the ongoing protests against the amendment to the Citizenship law. The photo is being passed off as a detention centre in Assam, as a result of Assam NRC. It is fuelling the fears, as over 19 lakh people in Assam didn’t find their names in the register of citizens that was released for Assam in August.


The viral image a small room full more than its capacity. People have also made makeshift hammocks with bedsheets from one wall to another as there is no space on the floor.

“A simple reverse image search shows that these pictures are from abroad, NOT from Assam or India,” the PIB tweeted, which was retweeted by the home ministry Twitter handle.

The Centre has issued several clarifications explaining that NRC and CAA are different. And then Assam-NRC and all-India NRC, when it comes, will be different.

Though this viral photo is fake, international media earlier reported coming up of the first detention centre in Assam’s Goalpara. “It will also have a school, a hospital, a recreation area and quarters for security forces – as well as a high boundary wall and watchtowers, according to Reuters interviews with workers and contractors at the site and a review of copies of its layout plans,” the Reuters report said.