New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the RSS for the current situation in Assam and said that wherever the BJP goes. it spreads hate. “In Assam, youth is protesting. In other states, protests are happening as well. Why do you have to shoot and kill them? BJP doesn’t want to listen to the voice of people,” he said.

Taking a potshot at the RSS, he said, “We won’t allow the BJP and the RSS to attack the history, language, culture of Assam. Assam won’t be ruled by Nagpur. Assam won’t be ruled by ‘chaddiwale’. Assam will be ruled by the people of Assam.”

Amid nationwide rage over Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Congress took out marches in all state capitals with the name ‘Save Constitution – Save India’ on its foundation day on Saturday, Dec 28, as a mark of protest against the contentious CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Rahul Gandhi addressed the rally in Guwahati.

Earlier on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi compared the CAA and NRC with demonetisation. “This sham (Citizenship Amended Act and NRC) is notebandi (noteban) number 2”, he said, claiming that the CAA will be more disastrous than that (demonetisation) move. “Poor people will be the worst hit as they will be asked to prove their citizenship”, the Congress leader reiterated.