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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “The people of the country don’t accept the lies of Congress, they don’t accept the dynasty of Congress, they don’t accept the casteism and Communalism of Congress. The youth of the nation now wants development,” PM Modi.

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “Those born with a silver spoon don’t have a clue about common man’s problems,” says PM.

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “Phone, watch will be made in China while India will make pakode, that is Modi ji’s truth,” says Rahul.

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “Congress party introduced Tribal Bill to protect Aadivasis and their rights and Land Acquisition Bill to protect farmers’ land. When Mr Modi failed to repeal these policies, he weakened them in Rajasthan,” alleges Rahul

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “It took Modi ji two hours to comment on my speech. I have been talking about the Rafale deal for six months but he never commented on that?” asks Rahul in Udaipur.

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “I ask PM that he says ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ but works for the benefit of Anil Ambani, not for Bharat Mata. The Govt waived Rs 3.5 lakh cr loan of 15 people but not a single rupee of farmers was waived,” says Rahul Gandhi in Udaipur.

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    Rajasthan Assembly Elections Live Updates: “When our soldiers returned after surgical strike, the entire nation was infused with energy but the Congress was in a state of mourning. Their naamdaar alleged that I was lying about the surgical strikes,” says PM Modi.

Jaipur: With Rajasthan Assembly Election a few days away, both the BJP and the Congress put their might in last-minute campaigning on Tuesday. While the BJP had Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari hold rallies in the state, Congress President Rahul Gandhi went on a whirlwind tour, holding multiple rallies.

PM Modi tore into the Congress attack, touching upon his favourite theme of ‘naamdaar and kaamdaar’. He also spoke about the development that Rajasthan has witnessed under the BJP rule.  Rahul addressed rallies in Malakhera of Alwar district, Surajgarh of Jhunjhunu district and Salumber of Udaipur district. His speeches also ran along familiar themes, like Rafale and the distress of farmers. Rahul also reiterated his slogan of ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’.

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While the BJP is eyeing a second straight win in Rajasthan, the Congress is hoping to return to power riding the anti-incumbency factor. Recent pre-poll surveys have predicted a clear edge for the Grand Old Party in the December 7 elections.

On Monday, PM Modi addressed a poll rally in Jodhpur where he blamed the erstwhile UPA rules for bank defaults, saying that the defaulters used to carry the party’s name as “taveej” (amulet) as a shield but his government has acted strongly against such people and even “big crorepatis” have been forced to pay up.

PM Modi alleged that banks were “looted” by “naamdaar” who used to make telephone calls to the lenders to sanction loans.

Meanwhile, Gandhi mounted a blistering attack on PM Modi during his public rally in poll-bound Telangana, accusing the latter and the BJP of posing a threat to the country, claiming that they “spread hatred and anger”.