Bengaluru, Mar 28: A report placed by the joint house legislature panel in the legislature assembly on Monday, has recommended the Information Technology and Bio-technology (IT/BT) companies of Bengaluru to avoid assigning night shifts to woman employees. The report states that the panel’s recommendation is in the interest of the woman’s safety, security and privacy needs in Bengaluru and other cities. Also Read - How Does Ban on H-1B Visa in US Affect Indians? Know Here

The joint house legislature panel headed by Congress MLA N.A. Harris further recommended the IT-BT companies of hiring men employees for the night shifts. The report submitted by the panel is based on the inspection made by the 21 committee members in Infosys and Biocon companies on November 9, 2016. The committee inspected the working condition of women employees in the companies after which the panel recommended the companies to make efforts of assigning morning and afternoon shifts to women employees. Also Read - Sensex Closing Bell: Markets End 376 Pts Higher Despite Indo-China Standoff; HDFC Twins, ICICI Bank Win Big

Other recommendations made by the committee include amendments to various existing laws so that the accused in offences like rape and murder of woman and children don’t go unpunished. ” In the absence of stringent laws, many accused are able to go scot-free or get less quantum of punishment,” the report read. Also Read - Coronavirus May Drop Indian Software Market Growth by Four Times to Nearly 4%

Report denies women opportunity to work

Reacting on the recommendation made by the panel, Nasscom, the IT industry body stated that the report denies the opportunity for women to work further adding that the government must also take steps in ensuring proper security of women employees.

Speaking to The Hindu, Sangeeta Gupta, Senior Vice President of Nasscom said, “In the IT sector, night shift is mainly based on projects. However, in the BPO sector, predominantly the working hours are at night. If we want to reduce women workforce then it would technically mean denying women job opportunities” further adding that “every stakeholder too must do their bit to ensure safety.”

The recommendations made by the panel is contrary to the historic decision of the state in which the government, to provide equal opportunities for women in all sectors, removed the restriction on allowing women to work in night shifts across all sectors. Previously, women working in the IT sectors were allowed to work in the night shifts.