Ayodhya: The mega Deepotsav 2018 celebrations which began on Tuesdat with an aim to set a world record, entered the Guinness Book of Record for lighting as many as 3,01,152 earthen lamps, on the bank of River Sarayu. More than three lakh ‘diyas’ or ‘earthen lamps’ were lit on both sides of the banks of River Sarayu.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath along with South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook who is the chief guest on the occasion, were present during this feat. “Students from various colleges of the Avadh University came to light up the diyas, along with other people to light them up. Many students of the university are also preparing colourful rangolis on Ramayana theme on the banks of the river,” a member of the event management team said.

The UP CM had earlier announced the name change of Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad and said that henceforth it will be known as ‘Sri Ayodhya’. The name change is the second in the state after Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj.

Addressing a gathering at the Queen Hau Park in Ayodhya during the world’s largest Diwali celebrations, Adityanath said, “Ayodhya hamari aan baan shaan ka prateek hai, Ayodhya ki pehchan Bhagwan Ram se hai. Aaj se is janpad(Faizabad) ka naam bhi Ayodhya hoga.”

He also announced the construction of an airport and a medical college in the city. While the airport will be named after Lord Ram, the medical college will be named after King Dashrath.

An artistic statue of Lord Ram which is 30-ft tall along with Lord Hanuman, 25-ft tall has been installed at the historic ghats of the Saryu river. An iconic ceremonial gateway has also been erected near the site of the main function.

Alluding the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, CM Yogi said, “We have come to assure you that no power can do injustice with Ayodhya. Every Indian knows what Ayodhya wants”.