New Delhi, Dec. 28: Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi on Monday issued a directive to the people wanting to volunteer for better implementation of the Odd-Even formula in the national capital and said that they would be provided details about the action plan. (ALSO READ: Shashi Tharoor: We don’t feel need to denigrate our heroes) Also Read - As COVID-9 Cases Cross 400-mark, Kerala to Implement Odd-even Formula in State From Monday

“Delhi Police will assist odd-even to protect environment. Volunteers must not act on their own. Even stopping or asking someone on the road to return is an IPC crime,” said Bassi. He added that those interested in volunteering for the same may contact the Delhi Police. Also Read - Social Distancing: Odd-even Formula at Azadpur Mandi From Monday For Sale of Vegetables

“The volunteers interested in helping the implementation of the Odd-Even formula must come to Delhi Police. We will provide them with details and brief them about the action plan,” he said. Earlier, Bassi had warned the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers to keep the idea of Rule of Law and Vigilantism at bay. Also Read - Two men who robbed businesman of Rs 23 lakh from outside bank arrested

In a tweet, Bassi said that the Delhi Police would enforce ‘odd-even’ and requested the Delhi Government to ask its volunteers to assist the Delhi Police and ‘to act as told’. “ALL NOTE: Rule of Law & Vigilantism are incompatible,” he added. The Delhi Police Commissioner further said that once volunteers reported to the men in uniform then ‘they shall be briefed and deployed as per an action plan’.

No undue harassment of road users is the objective, he added. Bassi also said that the Odd-Even enforcement would rest on the Delhi Police Traffic unit’s four guiding pillars namely ‘ERER – Education, Regulation, Enforcement and Road Engineering’.

“Reg ERER. Road safety education is the key. Regulation supports it. Enforcement deters. Vehicle & road engineering features promote safety,” he added. The scheme is being implemented for a period of 15 days from January 1 on trial basis to curb pollution in Delhi. Violators of the scheme would attract a penalty of Rs. 2,000. VIPs, women drivers, CNG-certified vehicles, two-wheelers and those carrying the differently-abled are among the 25 categories which will be exempted from the scheme.