Nirankari sect has made wife of deceased Baba Hardev Singh, Savinder Kaur, the head of the community. Kaur will be the first woman and fifth in line to head the sect. Reportedly, the decision was made of Tuesday. Following the death of Hardev Singh, there were speculations that his son-in-law would or daughter would be made the next Guru. Followers of the sect are relived that the rumors over the succession has finally been put to rest.Also Read - Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh 1st death anniversary: All you need to know about his legacy

In 1975, Savinder from Farooqabad town of Uttar Pradesh, in her late fifties, married Hardev Singh. Kaur was given the ceremonial ‘dupatta’ at the anointment ceremony on Tuesday. A 21-member management committee headed by its president JRD Satyarathi were present during the event. (ALSO READ- Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh last rites Live Streaming: ‘Antim Sanskar’ of spiritual leader on Also Read - Sant Nirankari Mission chief Baba Hardev Singh cremated at Nigambodh Ghat in New Delhi; thousands attend funeral procession

Kaur will prrceed over the ceremonies to perfomr the last rites of Baba Hardev Singh and son-in-law Avneet Set who died the accident in Montreal, Canada on May 13. After taking over the chief of the sect, Kaur told the followers to be in harmony with each other and take ahead the Nirankari mission as Baba Ji (Hardev Singh) wished. (ALSO READ: Baba Hardev Singh, Chief Priest of Nirankari sect, killed in a road accident in Canada) Also Read - Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh last rites Live Streaming: 'Antim Sanskar' of spiritual leader on

Nirankari Baba died in a car crash in Canada. The mortal remains were brought to Burari Road in Delhi on Monday. Last journey of Baba began at Ground No.8 and will conclude at Nigam Bodh Ghar. Last rites will take place at the CNG Crematorium at 12 noon. Live streaming of the event is available on