Lucknow, May 5: UP Minister for State for Basic Education, Child Development and Nutrition Anupama Jaiswal seems to be in trouble again. For an event that the minister was to attend, schoolkids were made to sit without food or water since 12noon even as the event began at 8pm, reported ANI. The Minister said she had no idea the kids had been waiting for hours on end and said, “I don’t know why children were seated 8 hrs in advance. Concerned teachers are answerable.”

Jaiswal has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. On Friday, talking about the BJP’s Dinner-with-Dalit programme, Jaiswal had said, “The ministers are visiting villages to ensure that benefits of government schemes reach the needy. They have to face mosquito bites the whole night, still, they visit the villages.” Later, she offered by way of explanation, “I was asked if we use ACs, coolers to keep away mosquitoes and order food from outside during our visit. I said it’s not true and we live in the same condition as them even if mosquitoes bite us,” she told ANI.

Earlier this week, Minister Suresh Rana had taken his own food and water at a dinner hosted at a Dalit’s household in Aligarh while another Minister, Rajendra Pratap Singh, had likened himself to Lord Ram and said Dalits who hosted him felt cleansed.