Ballia, March 20: Mass cheating in Uttar Pradesh is not new and on Monday a fresh case popped up from Ballia district. Class 10 students, which includes both boys and girls, were seen copying in the Uttar Pradesh board exams. The incident of mass cheating in Ballia was captured on the CCTV footage.

The cheating was going on in Mathematics exam of the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Board examinations in the district and the students were seen in groups. Times Now channel reported that students were cheating from carbon copy of their answer sheets that was given to them.

On March 17, around 13,000 students had dropped out from the Uttar Pradesh board examinations for classes 10th and 12th in the district this year, District Magistrate Nitin Bansal said. “While around 7,500 students dropped out of High School, 5,500 students dropped out of Intermediate in the district this year,” he said. The District Magistrate said the drop-out figures may be a result of the administration’s strict action against mass copying.

Ballia mass cheating

Last year, Over 70 students and teachers were been booked for cheating during Class 10 and 12 board exams in Mathura in western Uttar Pradesh. The students were seen copying and taking help from outside at several centres.
According to officials, 57 examinees including two girls were booked for cheating.

On February 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi labelled ‘education’ as the real reason for the state to be left behind. PM said,”Contracts for mass cheating are handed out in Uttar Pradesh.” PM vowed to end this practice if his party comes to power in UP and post this it’s high time to take a stern action and this was appreciated by many professors and teachers of UP who teach with dignity. Now, this duty rests upon Yogi Aditayanath’s shoulder. (Mathura: Mass cheating in board exams caught on camera (Watch Video)

Current Home Minister Rajnath Singh had in 1991-92 introduced an anti-copying ordinance to bring an end to this practice.  With this act, incarceration was the only punishment if anybody was found cheating. In 1994 the act was nullified and was later reintroduced but with lesser strictness. But many politicians blamed this act the real reason for BJP’s loss in 1993 UP elections.