New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently congratulated Moshe Holtzberg, who was the youngest survivor of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, on his Bar Mitzvah or ‘coming-of-age’ ceremony.

In a letter, dated November 27, the Prime Minister called Moshe’s story an ‘inspiring’ one, as well as a story of miracle and hope overcoming tragedy and immeasurable loss. Among other things, PM Modi wrote that India and Israel were today standing together in even more determined against terrorism and hatred.

Recalling his meet with the now-grown-up boy during his state visit to Israel in 2017, the Prime Minister hoped that Moshe’s wish to return one day to Chabad House as its Director, comes true.

“Dear Mr Modi, I love you and your people in India,” the then 11-year-old Moshe had remarked to PM Modi.

Moshe, better known as ‘Baby Moshe,’ was all of two at the time of the Mumbai attacks. He lost both his parents in the attacks but was himself saved by his nanny Sandra Samuel, who picked him up and ran out of the Nariman House, which had been overtaken by terrorists. This also led to him being labelled as the ‘Miracle Baby.’

He had also visited Mumbai in January last year. Moshe turned 13 on November 28.

The 11th anniversary of the 26/11 attacks was observed Tuesday last.