New Delhi: For reasons unknown, baraatis (groom gang) in north-Indian weddings dilly-dally ahead of the wedding instead of just reaching the wedding on time and get done with the rituals. Maybe it obliquely stands for the pride that Indian grooms love to savour in; sometimes it’s a pressure tactic to get more dowry, but this Bijnor incident is one of a kind as the bride gang taught an unforgettable lesson to the late groom gang.

According to reports, this couple was set to get married on Friday in Nangaljat village of Bijnor. It was a proper ceremony for the couple who got formally married in a mass wedding programme earlier. The baraat was supposed to come at 2 PM but, finally, they came late at night. The bride’s family lost patience by that time. They thrashed the baraatis and the groom and locked the entire gang up in a room.

There were heated arguments between the two families as the groom’s family wanted a bike and cash. The bride’s family denied the dowry. Police said both the families approached the police. No written complaint was filed but after police intervention, both the families relented.

And here comes the twist. The bride refused to get married to the groom and instead married a local youth.