New Delhi:  Two Kashmiri dry fruit sellers were assaulted by a group of saffron-clad men in broad daylight in Lucknow on Wednesday.

Video clips going viral on social media show some saffron ‘activists’ with sticks in hand, hitting the two men and hurling abuses at them alongside a busy traffic road.

While one of them escaped after some heckling and beating, the other can be seen cornered by the two men, who constantly berate him for being a Kashmiri.

“Why are you hitting him?”, asks a passerby in the video, to which one of the attackers responds with, “He’s a Kashmiri.”

It is only after passersby intervene and question that one assailant changes the subject to- inquiring about the dry fruit seller’s ID (identity card).

The Kashmiri man then assures them that he has a valid permit for his roadside stall and the video is then abruptly cut.

According to a report in The Quint, one of the assaulters is Himanshu Awasthi, a self-proclaimed “former BJP politician” and a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He posted videos and photos on his Facebook profile boasting about thrashing Kashmiris on the Daligunj Bridge in Lucknow.

The same report mentions the name of the other assaulter, Aniruddh Shyam, a member of the Vishwa Hindu Dal.

According to reports, Lucknow police arrested one of the attackers in an overnight raid.