Beed, May 2: Even as Maharashtra is witnessing one of the worst water crisis ever, especially at places like Latur and Beed, its high time for water mafias and civic officials there. A probe by a media organisation has revealed that water tankers which are meant for common people are sold to mafias in drought-hit region of Maharashtra.

According to a report, water tankers which is supposed to reach people are supplied to businessman and industrialist in Latur which are sold on high profit by Municipal officials there.

An India Today reporter, on Sunday reached at the drought hit region of Latur where he posed himself as a businessman wanting to set up an industry in the area. The reporter there met a local civic officials Gopal Gurkhade who is working in Municipal Council of Latur. The reporter informed Gurkhade that his industry may need 2-3 water tankers of water everyday. Read Also: (Drought in Maharashtra claims another life: 11-year-old boy dies fetching water from well in Beed)

To which Gurkhade replied, “”No issues, our work will continue throughout the year. If the rainfall is good, you won’t need any tankers.”

When asked that the condition of Latur was worst and will be same for next two or three months, to which Gurkhade reportedly said, “”Don’t worry, we will provide you ‘full’ water, as much as you want. See, you the situation here. It’s a bit ‘tight’. You’ll get a tanker for Rs 2,000 to Rs 12,000 per tanker”.

He further added, “Use it wherever you want, we will provide you the tanker within 10km of Beed, wherever you need it.”

Later the reporter struck the deal at Rs 6,000 for 36,000 litres every day. The civic official also offered protection from police officials and uninterrupted water supply to his ‘factory’.

According to reports, due to the nexus between water mafia’s and civic officials in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, water that is meant for common people reaches to businessman directly.