Ahmedabad: A married woman, Ayesha, committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. Before jumping into the river, she recorded a last message for the world in which she said that she is not doing anything out of pressure and she is glad that she will be meeting Allah. After making the video, she sent it to her family and then jumped off the bridge into the river. Also Read - Viral Video: RPF Men Avert Suicide Attempt, Drag 'Depressed' Man Away From Approaching Train | Watch

As soon as her family received the video, they informed the police. However, she had already drowned. Fire brigade officials and a rescue team rushed to the spot and retrieved Ayesha’s body from the river. Also Read - Hyderabad Student Who Faked Rape, Abduction 2 Weeks Ago Dies by Suicide

In the video she recorded before taking her life, Ayesha said in Hindi: ‘Hello, Aslam Alekum. My name is Ayesha Arif Khan and what I am going to do now, I am going to do it as per my own will. There was no pressure on me. Now what can I say? Just understand that the life given by Allah (god) was only this long and I found this short life very peaceful. And dad, how long will you fight? Withdraw the case.” Also Read - Suicide Rates Rising, THIS Country Appoints 'Loneliness Minister'

She continued to say: “Don’t want to do it anymore. Ayesha is not made for battles. I love Arif so why will we bother him? If he wants freedom, then he should be free. Anyway, my life is ending here. I am happy that I will meet Allah. I will ask him where did I make a mistake? What is the fault with me? My parents are very good, friends are very good, but something was lacking, maybe in me, maybe in my luck. I’m happy. I want pass on peacefully. I pray to Allah to not show me the faces of humans ever again.”

In an emotional state, Ayesha further said, “But I have learnt one thing. I you want to love, it should be two sided. There’s nothing in one-sided love. Some love stories remain incomplete even after Nikah (marriage).”

In the end she showed the Sabarmati river and said: “Yeh pyari si nadi… Pray karte hai ki yeh mujhe apne aap main sama le. (This lovely river… I pray that it takes me in it) And whatever happens after I’m gone, please don’t create a huge scene. I am like the winds, I just want to flow. And just want to keep flowing. Not going to stop for anyone. I am happy today that I got the answers I wanted and whatever truth I wanted to convey to whoever I wanted, I have done that. And that is enough. Thank you. Do remember me in your prayers, who knows if I’ll find Jannat (heaven) or not. Anyway, Alvida (goodbye).”