New Delhi: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram‘s son Karti Chidambaram addressed the media late Wednesday night after his father’s arrest by CBI sleuths and termed the high-voltage drama as ‘vindictive and malicious act by a pliant agency’.

Karti lashed out at his father’s political adversaries and asserted that his arrest in the INX Media case was orchestrated to ‘settle political scores’.

Addressing the media in Chennai, Karti said, “This has been done only to create a spectacle on TV and to tarnish the image of Congress party and the former Finance and Home Minister. This is a completely trumped-up case in which he has absolutely no connection. We will fight this out politically and legally.”

He added, “This is totally a politically motivated witch-hunt. This is apparently about events that happened in 2008, for which an FIR was filed in 2017. I have been raided four times. No one in the history of India has been raided four times. I’m the only person who has been raided four times. I’ve appeared before agencies over 20 times, and each time I have spent over 10 hours.”

“I was also a ‘guest’ of the CBI, so I was quite aware of their procedures and accommodation. I was with them for 11 days, and still for events that happened in 2008 and for which they filed an FIR in 2017, and in August of 2019 they still do not have a charge sheet, which means there is no case,” Karti Chidambaram told the media.

In a sharp attack at a Union minister, he also remarked that the arrest was made “to satisfy someone in the government”.

Karti too has been arrested by the CBI in the same case and brought to the national capital early Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, P Chidambaram who was arrested from his Jor Bagh residence after much drama late Wednesday night will be produced before a Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court today.