Bengaluru Lockdown: The Karnataka capital Bengaluru will on Tuesday night enter yet another phase of a stringent week-long lockdown to keep the rising coronavirus cases in check. The suddenness of the re-imposed lockdown caught many people looking to travel off guard. Clarifying it under the guidelines, the government said only those trains and flights that have already been scheduled will be functioning. Also Read - Fact Check: Viral 'Asur' Idol is Not Modelled After Chinese Prez Xi Jinping, But Inspired From Mongolians

As a result, passengers looking to book their flight tickets or reserve train tickets during the one-week period will not be able to do so until the government order changes. However, those with an existing flight or train ticket do not have to cancel or reschedule. They can simply use their tickets as a movement pass to travel to and from the airport or railway station. Also Read - India, China Manage To Get Richer Even As Coronavirus Hits Global Wealth: Report

The lockdown has been imposed till July 22 as of now, and will extend to both urban and rural districts. Also Read - 61% Indians Sceptical About Covid-19 Vaccine & Won't RushEven If it Came in 2021: Survey

Apart from that, movement in the city is allowed only on an emergency basis or for those who have a valid pass. Inter-state and intra-state travel is permitted only with a valid movement pass that can be obtained through the Karnataka government’s Seva Sindhu portal.

The government has also allowed the movement of students appearing for their scheduled exams by showing their hall tickets which will work as a movement pass.

In containment zones, only those with medical emergency will be allowed to move.

Grocery, vegetable and milk shops will be open in the city between 5 AM and 12 PM only.

Meanwhile, Dharwad and Dakshina Kannada districts have also announced a lockdown for 9 days and a week, respectively, from July 15 night.