Bengaluru: In a brutal incident, a man on Tuesday gouged out his 65-year-old father’s eyes over property issues in Bengaluru. Meanwhile, the father is being treated at Prabha Eye Hospital. According to doctors, Parameshwar, the injured’s vision might be affected permanently.

Abhishek Chethan, the eldest son wanted his father to transfer the residential property to his name and had been pressuring his father to do the same. But, apparently, the father did not agree to do the same.

The father had divided his wealth equally amongst his three children but had wanted to keep the residential property for himself and his wife. But, Parameshwar’s wife died last month and the son had been pressuring to give him the property.

On Tuesday, Chethan entered the house and plucked his father’s eyeballs with his bare hands, News18 reported. Neighbours, after hearing the victim’s scream, rushed to rescue the father.

Chethan tried to flee the scene but was caught in time. An FIR has been registered against him and a probe into the incident is underway.