What is the significance of Tiranga in our lives? Is it just the national flag that every Indian is supposed to bow down our heads in respect or does this tri-coloured piece of cloth mean more than that? On the occasion of 69th Independence Day, popular YouTube channel Being Indian posted a powerful video titled –The Tiranga to explain the real meaning of our National Flag. The video showcases a group of talented dancers performing several Indian classic dance forms on a beautiful poem will give you goosebumps. This video definitely highlights the best of Independence Day 2015 dance performances.

The video which is both visually and poetically rich in nature as it explains the importance of our nation flag. From emphasizing the three colours of the flag with ‘Dyed in the three colors of courage, peace and the earth,’ to taking pride in symbolizing independence, the Tiranga speaks to us all. Performing with the though-provoking poem are the elegant dancers representing the rich heritage of the nation. Some of the dance forms showcased are – Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniyattam.

The Tiranga says it is not just‘handspun cotton’ but a reminder of our great past that had the glorious struggle for freedom. It talks about the freedom being our birthright. One hand it celebrates the efforts of upstaging the British rule while on the other hand, it talks about the positive change in the coming days. It is us ‘the people’ that constitute the Tiranga.