Indore: In a sensational revelation in the death case of Bhaiyyu Maharaj, the police on Saturday said that the high-profile spiritual leader had committed suicide last year because he was blackmailed by a woman disciple with a rape complaint.Also Read - Man Arrested for Blackmailing Girls, 65 Porn Clips of Girls He Befriended Online Recovered from His Phone

The police have arrested three persons – Bhaiyyu Maharaj’s personal secretary Palak Puranik (25) and two other aides, identified by police as Vinayak Dudhade (42) and Sharad Deshmukh (34) – for allegedly abetting the suicide of the self-styled godman. Also Read - Marathi Art Director Raju Sapte Found Dead at His House After Recording Video And Naming a Man For Harassment

According to the police, the three secretly gave him “high doses of medicines” in order to “control” the spiritual leader. Also Read - Honey-Trap Racket Exposed: Bengaluru Woman Who Blackmailed People Using Matrimonial Websites Arrested

The model-turned-godman, real name is Uday Singh Deshmukh, had shot himself dead on June 12 last year at his residence in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

“I am fed up,” his suicide note had read. The letter also mentioned that he wanted Vinayak to be the caretaker of his property.

Deputy Inspector General of Police H C Mishra Saturday said Puranik was blackmailing the godman and pressuring him to marry her.

“She and her aides were giving high doses of medicines to Bhaiyyu Maharaj, which was affecting his mental health,” Mishra told reporters here.

He said these medicines were administered to the spiritual leader so that the accused could have control on him.

“We have records of a very objectionable social media chat between Maharaj and the woman, as well as other digital evidences,” he said.

Puranik had threatened Bhaiyyu Maharaj that if they didn’t marry on June 16 last year, she would lodge a police complaint and defame him, Mishra said.