New Delhi, November 27: The leaders of the opposition are been trying hard to corner the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation policy. But it seems that the leaders of the opposition are not on one opinion over  their call for Bharat Bandh. States like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Rajasthan where BJP is in power there will be no bandh. Also schools, colleges and offices in those state will function properly. While non-BJP governed states  have called for protests, many leaders have chosen to oppose bandh, including Congress party which made it clear today that  they will won’t support ‘Bharat Bandh’ and would hold protests across the country against demonetisation. Also Read - 100 Days Or 100 Months: Congress Will Continue To Fight Till Farm Laws Are Rolled Back, Says Priyanka Gandhi

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Left parties in West Bengal have called for a 12-hour shutdown after their counterparts in Kerala and Tripura announced the same. While the state government had already planned for a rally in protest against demonetisation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opposed the bandh call. Also Read - After PM Modi's Brigade Rally, BKU Leader Rakesh Tikait To Speak with Bengal Farmers on March 13

Mamata Banerjee earlier said that the shutdown will be nothing but another inconvenience to people. All state government stadd have been asked to report to work on Monday as no official holiday has been declared. School and colleges will be open in West Bengal. Transport, business and small scale establishments are likely to be hit due to the left parties’ strike across West Bengal. On the other side, Mamata Banerjee and TMC will go ahead with her rally against demonetisation as planned. Left parties have called for a complete shutdown including banks.


In Karnataka, Senior Congress leader and state chief minister Siddaramaiah claimed not to support the bandh but will be protesting on street against demonetisation. The Assembly session was rescheduled from Monday to December 3 in the wake of Bharat bandh.

But due to chaos transportation is likely to be hit in Karnataka. District Commissioner have been asked to take a call on the functioning of schools and colleges depending on the prevailing situation. Bangalore University has postponed their exams which were scheduled on Monday to another date following the call for Bharat bandh. Private schools have not yet declared any holiday.

In Bengaluru, the youth wing of Congress are planning massive protest in Town Hall but they have also assured that any emergecy services will not be affected during their protest in demonetisation.


Kerala a state ruled by LDF will be shut down completely. As from trade association to transport association in Kerala had called 12-hour hartal from 6 AM to 6 PM which may bring the state to a standstill. In Kerala, all universities and school colleges have cancelled or rescheduled their exams. The state commission exam for Kerala Public Service Commission will go ahead with online examinations. Many colleges and universities have also postponed admission processes.

Private and government transport business is expected to come to a halt tomorrow. However Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today announced that banks and emergency services will remain unaffected.

In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka things are expected to function smoothly as these state government leaders have refused to support the bandh. Due to which Monday will be a day of protest in larger parts of the country and few places may be shut down.

Schools to remain open tomorrow

Schools across India will remain open on Monday, as the call of Bharat Bandh has not garnered enough support from many non-BJP state government. District Collectors and Education Minister across India had ordered school authorities (both private and government) to remain open Monday. There are chances that some schools may take a call to postpone examination due to the call. Only in Kerala where there is LDF government schools will remain shut as the CPI(M) had called for a nationwide bandh from 6 am to 6 pm tomorrow.

Colleges will remain open on Monday

Unlike schools, colleges (government operated and private) will remain open on Monday. In most of the colleges, the month of November are exam period and it will be conducted as per schedule. Students are advised to contact their concerned college departments for further queries. In Kerala, colleges will be shut down and exams have already been postponed by the state government.

Banks to remain open tomorrow

It has been 20 days passed after Narendra Modi introduced demonetisation and people across India are queued up in banks. On Monday, no banks across India will be closed as people across the nation are looking to withdraw new notes and deposit old notes. Even in Kerala where LDF has called a state-wide bandh, banks will remain open there and adequate security arrangement will be provided by authorities.

Road transportation, Railways, Metros to function tomorrow

Road transportation will remain unaffected as the Bharat Bandh is failed and several other parties will be protesting against the demonetisation. Railways and metros in Mumbai, Delhi and many other metropolitan cities will function smoothly except Kerala.

Emergency services to remain open tomorrow

Emergency services across India will remain unaffected on Monday. Medical stores, Hospitals, Nursing Homes across India will be open on Monday. As calling to close these emergency services may further cause more inconvenience to people across India.

Petrol pumps to remain open tomorrow

Petrol pumps on highways and cities will remain open tomorrow except for few places in Kerala.