Bhopal, October 13: A massive fire broke out at a furniture factory here, on Thursday, causing smoke billowing out of the building to be seen from miles around. Harrowing spot visuals of the fire, show thick black smoke billowing out in large clouds around the area. Fire tenders have reached the spot and are trying to tame the flames. The factory is situated close to the infamous Union Carbide factory, which was the site of the horrendous Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. No casualties or injuries have been reported yet. The fire is spreading fast because of the presence of chemicals and wood in the factory premises. Also Read - Burning Love! UK Stuntman Lights Himself on Fire While Proposing to His Girlfriend | Watch

According to media reports, the factory is situated in Old Bhopal. The roads in the area are narrow, due to which the fire tenders are having difficulty in reaching the spot. This is causing a trouble for the fire fighters. The blaze has been going on for several hours now. Several cylinders were also heard blasting inside the factory, during the fire. The police have ordered evacuation of the buildings around the factory. Fire fighting operations are underway, but the presence of the factory in a residential area, is causing a lot of problems in containing the blaze. The magnitude of the fire is such that it has caused a stir in the entire city. Smoke from the conflagration can be seen for several Kilometers around. ALSO READ: 26 killed, 70 injured in Bangladesh factory fire Also Read - Ahmedabad Fire: Administrator of COVID-19 Hospital Arrested Over 'Negligence' After 8 Patients Died

 According to a report in Dainik Bhaskar, the factory is situated in Chhola area of the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. The flare has already caused an estimated damages of close to Rs. four Crores, as materials kept in the premises have all been burned down. The Municipal Corporation Fire Brigade has reached the spot with all its fire tenders. Bhaskar report says that the fire was started due to a spark from a welding machine. Factory owners Santosh Gidwani and Kishenchand Gidwani are being reported in a highly distressed state, due to the damages caused by the fire. Also Read - Rahat Indori Passes Away Due to Cardiac Arrest After Testing Positive For COVID-19 At 70