Bhopal: A tailor in Bhopal admitted to killing 33 truck drivers and their helpers. Adesh Khamra from Mandideep committed the first murder around 2010 in Amravati and the second one in Nashik. Soon he spread the net in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.Also Read - Madhya Pradesh’s Pachmarhi: Why is 'Queen of Satpura Ranges' a Perfect Summer Weekend Escape?

Khamra admitted to killing 30 people when the local police had nabbed him last week after a three-day chase. He was caught red-handedly by a woman SP Bittu Sharma — a taekwondo black belt and Asian Games bronze medalist in judo. She nabbed him at gunpoint in the jungles of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Later on Tuesday, he said that he had killed three more people which makes him the deadliest killer of India. A report by The Times of India said that he had killed the truck drivers to give them salvation. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh: Vehicle Runs Over 6-Year-Old Girl, Mob Sets It On Fire, Throws Driver Into Flames

When dealing with two murder cases of truck drivers, neither the woman cop nor SP Lodha Rahul Kumar knew that they were on track to nab India’s notorious serial killer. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime case,” said SP Lodha Rahul Kumar. Co-accused Jaykaran reportedly told the police that whenever they asked him the reason for killing the drivers, the accused would laugh and say, “They lead hard lives.” Adesh Khamra had said to the co-accused, “I am giving them mukti, freeing them from pain.” Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Man Beheads 60-Year-Old Uncle, Walks On Street With Severed Head And Murder Weapon

Friends and relatives of the cold-blooded murderer were shocked to hear the news. A neighbour of the accused in Mandideep reportedly said, “He was a quiet man, well behaved. There is no way anyone will accept he has the blood of so many on his hands.”

Bhopal DIG Dharmendra Choudhary said the 48-year-old accused had trapped his target truck drivers by befriending them. While Khamra’s men were busy looting the cargo of the truck, he would strangle the drivers to death using a rope. Police also found that Khamra used to ensnare the truck drivers by offering them drinks with drugs. He would then strip them of their clothes and murder them to destroy their identity. The bodies were later dumped under culverts or on hilly roads in various states.