Chennai, July 14: Security has been beefed up outside Tamil actor Kamal Haasan’s residence after a right wing outfit called Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) demanded his arrest. The group is demanding arrest of Kamal Hassan after he said that abusive words are a part of the society.

Kamal Haasan, the host of the Tamilian version of the reality show Bigg Boss, said abusive words are part of the society after an outrage erupted over foul words spoken on the platform telecast on national television. The members of the Hindu Makkal Katchi were seen holding a protest outside the house of Tamil cinema superstar in Chennai.

Demanding the arrest of the 62-year-old actor, the members of HMK said that ‘with such vulgar reality shows, the societal values are being harmed’. Threatening to damage cinema halls that feature the movies of Haasan, the HMK stated that this can only be avoided if he is stopped from hosting the show.

HMK members

HMK members

The HMK even filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police seeking arrest of Kamal Hassan. “The obscene content aired on Bigg Boss is destroying the Tamil Culture,” penned HMK in its complaint. Besides seeking the arrest of Bigg Boss host, the HMK also wants the 14 contestants arrested, reported Times of India. As per The Hindustan Times, the complaint also read:The contestants are using bad words and are acting 75 per cent nude. This is diminishing the Tamil Culture and has hurt the sentiments of thousands of Tamilians.”

“The participants are mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75% nude. It is also derogative of Tamil culture and hurts the sentiments of seven crore Tamilians,” read the statement.

Haasan believes that he has done nothing wrong and the law would protect him by all means. On the complaint filed by the members of the Right-wing ideology,  the Padma Bhushan awardee said it is done by those who have a lot of spare time. The veteran actor said he failed to understand as to what content on the reality show was defaming the Tamil Culture.