New Delhi: Ahead of key assembly elections that will be held in Haryana and Maharashtra later this month, Congress leader Salman Khurshid called Rahul Gandhi’s exit as party president the biggest problem as to why the party is still struggling. Also Read - 'Like Finding Needle in a Haystack', Senior Congress Leader Salman Khurshid on PM's 'Good Work'

He also said that since Congress’s humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha, the party has not sat down to analyse the reason behind their failure. Also Read - People From Weaker Sections in Rural Areas Live in Fear: Senior Congress Leader Salman Khurshid

“We haven’t really got together to analyse why we got defeated. Our biggest problem is our leader has walked away,” Khurshid told Associated Press on Monday. Also Read - Muslim Vote Split Between Congress And SP-BSP Alliance in UP: Salman Khurshid

“It’s kind of left a vacuum. Sonia Gandhi stepped in, but there is more than an indication that she is treating herself as a stop-gap arrangement. I wish it wasn’t so,” Khurshid added.

Khurshid further said that the party’s struggles are at the point that it looks unlikely that the grand old party will register victory in the upcoming polls. It must be noted that Haryana and Maharashtra polls will go to polls on October 21 while the results will be out on October 24.

Rahul Gandhi had resigned as party president following the party’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. His mother Sonia Gandhi has assumed the charge on an interim basis.

The Congress suffered a massive defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 after managing a mere 52 seats out of the contest for 542. Moreover, Rahul Gandhi lost his home seat of Amethi to BJP leader Smriti Irani, which has been a Congress bastion since 1967.