Patna, Nov 8: Results for the Bihar legislative assembly elections are evidently clear. The Mahagathbandhan comprising of Janata Dal (United), Rashtriya Janata Dal and Congress are headed towards a big margin victory. According to latest trends as of 11 AM, the ‘secular’ coalition is leading on 139 constituencies, whereas the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance is trailing behind, maintaining its grip on only 89 assembly segments.

Despite running a high-pitch electoral battle, BJP have failed to impress the electorates in the poll-bound state. Party president Amit Shah had spent nearly four months in Bihar and diverted all his activities to form caste coalition in favour of the saffron party.  (ALSO READ: Bihar Election Results 2015 Live Updates)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with senior cabinet ministers held several rounds of rallies in Bihar. Apart from playing the development card, the party did not refrain from inserting a tinge of communalism to polarize the voters on lines of religion. (ALSO READ: Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015 Live Streaming- Watch Live telecast)

Here are the 6 reasons why BJP lost in Bihar:

1. Decreasing euphoria surrounding Narendra Modi:

Prime Minister Modi made a range of promises to the voters of Bihar ahead of the assembly elections. However, he refrained from recalling the wide range of pre-poll assurances made by him ahead of 2014 general elections. As what is evident from the choice of electorates, voters have rejected the development gimmick of Modi.

2. Dadri lynching and subsequent beef politics:

Following the brutal murder of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri for allegedly eating cow meat, BJP showed double standards instead of condemning the whole incident in an outright manner. The gruesome murder provided the saffron party the fodder to indulge in communal politics in Bihar. Veteran party leaders including Giriraj Singh and Sushil Kumar Modi alleged Nitish Kumar of conspiring to legalize cow slaughter in state and announced that the NDA will ban beef as it did in Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir.

3. Controversial statements of Mohan Bhagwat on reservation

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat stirred a controversy by making his contentious opinion on reservation known public in the wake of Bihar elections. Since the right-wing umbrella organization is the parent body of BJP, the voters of Dalit, Mahadalit, and OBC community grew suspicious. Political opponents utilised the remarks made by Bhagwat for their maximum advantage. The RSS Sangsarchalak had demanded a review of the existing reservation policy and redefining the beneficiaries.

4. Dalit killings in Haryana and insensitive remarks made by BJP leader Gen. V K Singh

Following the burning of Dalit children in Haryana, and the subsequent inaction shown by the BJP government in state provided the opportunity to political opponents to allege the right-wing party of being anti-Dalits. Further worsening the situation, cabinet minister V K Singh used the analogy of striking dogs with stones to draw the relation of government in the crime. “If someone throws stones at dogs, then would the government be responsible,” he said.

5. Sidelining regional leadership

BJP unit of Bihar was absolutely pushed back in the wake of assembly elections. Posters promoting the party carried the faces of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Even former deputy chief minister Sushil Modi was evidently sidelined by the central leadership of the party.

6. Dal price rise

The unprecedented hike of Dal prices sounded death knell for the BJP. Bihar, along with other northern states is a high-consumer of Dal which forms a staple diet for the dwellers of region. As such, the unaffordable prices severly tarnished the image of central government among ordinary people.