New Delhi: Two men, arrested on the charges of robbery and murder, were allegedly tortured to death in police custody in Bihar’s Sitamarhi. The incident took place on March 7.

According to an Indian Express report, a video clip and few photos of the deceased showed marks of hammered nails on their bodies. Families of both the men have registered an FIR for murder. Following the incident, five cops were suspended.

A police official confirmed to the newspaper that it was a custodial death. Calling it “unacceptable”, the police official told the newspaper that the suspended policemen will face departmental action, adding “if they do not surrender, they can even face dismissal”.

Notably, both the men named Gufran Alam and Taslim Ansari, in their early thirties, were taken under police custody on March 6 from Ramdiha village on charges of theft and murder of its owner.

When the families reached the police station on March 6, they were asked to go to a hospital. “We saw only two women constables. When we asked about Gufran and Taslim, they sent us to Sadar Hospital. There, we were told that both were dead and their postmortem had been conducted. We were not allowed to see the bodies. The bodies were handed over to us the next day,” Gufran’s father-in-law Mohammed Ayub Alam told the news daily.

Later, relatives discovered the extent of torture while washing the bodies for burial process. They filmed the videos and clicked a few pictures. “We have filmed videos and have still photographs of the injury marks caused by iron nails being hammered in. The nails were hammered into their thighs, soles and wrists. The legs of both victims were severely injured. We are waiting for the postmortem report for specific details,” Indian Express quoted a college student who made the video.