Jamui: Bihar’s Jamui District Magistrate Dharmendra Kumar’s wife Vatsala Singh and her mother Pushpa Singh sat on strike outside his official residence after the security guards did not let his wife enter inside the premises on Kumar’s directions on Wednesday. Also Read - Bihar Triple Murder: Social Distancing Flouted as Cops Stop Tejashwi Yadav From Going to Gopalganj

Vatsala and her mother registered a sit-in protest at 8 AM on Wednesday morning and continued doing so for the next couple of hours. The development came months after Kumar filed a petition to seek a divorce from her before a family court in Patna. Vatsala said that all her efforts to talk to Kumar have failed. Photos of the two went viral on the social media in which the two were seen sitting on a piece of paper on the ground with a mosquito coil burning nearby. Also Read - This Man At a Quarantine Centre in Bihar's Buxar Eats 40 Chapatis, 10 Plates of Rice Daily

She said that Kumar started to avoid her by alleging that she is from high-class society and moves around wearing shorts which he does not likes. She also said that he accused her of speaking in English at home all the time. “My husband even alleged before my parents and other family members that I talk too much in English. All these allegations are a lie. I had tried to sort out differences but till now he has not been able to give any valid reason seeking a divorce,” Vatsala alleged. Also Read - Woman Travelling in Shramik Special Train Complains of Labour Pain, Delivers Baby Girl

“It is now almost 12 hours but my husband has not come out. Guards and subordinates are saying that he is not inside but I firmly believe they are lying. On my husband’s behest, the guards ill-treated us and main gate and even a toilet has been kept locked to create pressure on us after we reached,” she said adding he even blocked her on WhatsApp after she tried to interact on Sunday.

Vatsala got married to Kumar on March 11, 2015. She said everything was going well initially. “After marriage, I went back to Delhi to complete studies and returned at year end. It was then for the first time that my husband labelled allegations against me and started avoiding. His parents and family members also hear only his words,” she said
adding Kumar skipped counselling sessions before the court and National Women’s Commission (NCW).