Buxar: Amid rising coronavirus deaths, scores of half decomposed and bloated bodies washed up on the banks of Ganga in Bihar’s Buxar district on Monday, sending shockwaves to the residents and revealing the disturbing state of COVID-19 crisis in India. According to news agency ANI, around 10-12 corpses were seen floating up to the shore. However, reports have claimed that the number of corpses seen floating in the river may be as high as 45 in Chausa town of Bihar, bordering Uttar Pradesh.Also Read - COVID-19: Scientists Discover Master Key To Fight All Variants. All You Need To Know

The grotesque scene came to light this morning, raising an alarm for locals and local authorities. “10-12 corpses that were seen in Ganga came floating from a distance. It seems these corpses are bloated and have been floating (in the water) for the last 5-7 days. We don’t have a tradition of immersing bodies in rivers. We are making arrangements to cremate these corpses,” Buxar SDO KK Upadhyay told ANI. Also Read - These Companies Allow Employees To Work From Home In A Hybrid Model Amid Rising COVID Cases | FUll LIST

Local administration reportedly said that the bodies could possibly belong to COVID-19 patients whose families did not find space at Chausa’s cremation ground to bury them. Cremation grounds have been running full while people queue up for their turn. Also Read - No More Work From Home: This Tech Giant Calls Employees Back to Office From September. Detailed Plan Here

On Sunday, Buxar reported 76 deaths related to coronavirus, while cremations took place of more than 100 people. This has led to a blame-game between the UP and Bihar governments.

‘It is a matter of investigation to ascertain if these corpses come from Varanasi, Allahabad, or any other place. We are alerting officials near ghat areas to make sure that it does not happen again,” Upadhyay said.

On Saturday, a similar incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur, where dozens of partially burnt bodies were spotted floating in the Yamuna. Neither district officials, nor the UP government has revealed records of the number of deaths that are said to be unreported in these parts of the state.