Patna: A Muslim man was allegedly shot at and asked to go to Pakistan in Bihar’s Begusarai district after being enquired his name. The incident took place on Sunday.

An FIR has been lodged at the Cheria-Bariarpur police station, but the accused has not been arrested yet, The Hindu reported.

According to reports, a video of the victim narrating his ordeal is doing rounds on social media.

The victim named as Mohammed Qasim identified the attacker as Rajiv Yadav.

The victim had gone to Kumbhi village when the culprit asked him to stop and enquired his name. When the Qasim answered his question, he was asked to go to Pakistan and later, shot at.

“I was stopped by Rajiv Yadav and he asked me my name…when I told him my name he fired at me and said you should go to Pakistan,” the newspaper reported Qasim as saying in the video.

Meanwhile, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi took to Twitter and blamed the BJP’s leadership for such brazenness shown by Rajiv.

“Qasim almost lost his life for literally just saying his name. But sure, I am ‘fear mongering’. Where does Rajiv’s brazenness come from? From the top. BJP’s leadership has constantly demonised us & associated us with Pakistan. We’re not human in their eyes, we’re target practice,” Owaisi tweeted.

This incident comes a day after a 25-year-old Muslim man from Bihar was beaten by a mob in Gurugram on Saturday night. The man was also apparently asked to remove his skullcap and chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. The victim named Mohammad Barkat was returning home after offering prayers at Jama Masjid when he was attacked by a group of men outside a sweet shop. The men threw his cap on the ground and hurled abuses at him. However, when Barkat tried to defend himself, he was told that he was not allowed to wear a skull cap in the area. Read the full story here