Bhagalpur (Bihar): A 15-year-old boy hailing from here has written to the President over his strained relations with his parents. He has sought the “permission” to end his life. (Also read: 17-year-old Commits Suicide After Mom Stops Him From Playing PUBG)

According to reports, the boy lives in Jharkhand now where his father is a government official and his mother works at a bank.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) alerted the Bhagalpur district administration officials about the letter written about two months ago. The PMO has also issued instructions to conduct an investigation and take action.

A news agency said the letter was sent to the PMO from the President’s office. In his letter addressed to the President, the boy has expressed his exasperation over the fights between his parents and has said that it has affected his studies.

Reports suggest that the boy’s grandfather and paternal uncle have blamed his mother for the couple’s strained relations. The boy’s parents have lodged cases against each other,  accusing their partners of being involved in extra-marital affairs.

In his letter, the boy has also mentioned that his father is suffering from cancer. He said he was too tired of the stress and was seeking the President’s permission to end his life. A probe in the case has been initiated.

Recently, in a case reported from Madhya Pradesh, a teenage girl allegedly committed suicide in Seoni district after her mother reprimanded her for buying a mobile phone. The 18-year-old girl hanged herself from the ceiling fan on April 16.

The incident came to light when her younger brother got home and found her hanging from the ceiling fan in her room.

In a suicide note, the girl apologised to her mother for ending her life. Her mother, a labourer, told the police the girl had purchased a mobile phone with the money which was kept at home for repaying a loan. The teen ended her life after receiving a dressing down from her.