Patna: A Bihar youth has been invited by US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to study the sun, said reports on Sunday. This is not the first time Gopal of Bhagalpur has shot to limelight.

Earlier, in 2016, he was in the news for generating electricity from banana stem. Gopal told a Hindi daily that he would be working on an alloy. He said he had sent his project idea to NASA. He said if his project is successful, it would become easier to study the sun.

Gopal said the alloy comprises elements like Titanium, Carbon and Nitrogen. He said he was inspired by a science fiction movie.

Meanwhile, his project of generating electricity from the banana stem has been patented already. He is on contract with the Centre for four years for this, of which one year has been completed.

Currently, Gopal is working in the labs of Dehradun’s Graphic Era University, said a report. He said his process of generating electricity is very simple. Currently, he is working on manufacturing sanitary napkins, diapers, bandages and urea from banana stem.