New Delhi: In a puzzle that has completely outwitted Haridwar police, at least five women have come forward and claimed the body of a  40-year-old Uttarakhand man who committed suicide on Sunday. Interestingly, all these women individually told police that she was the wife of the man and there are no other women in his life. This claims and counter-claims led to much drama before the man could be finally cremated. According to reports, later another two women turned up claiming to be his wife. No one knows whether the list is complete.

Reports said, Pawan Kumar, the deceased, used to work as a driver and was living in rented accommodation. On Sunday night, the man consumed poison. His wife rushed him to a hospital but he succumbed during treatment. The woman who brought him to the hospital claimed to be his wife but was in dark about the reason for his extreme step.

After he was declared dead, one after other woman came and claimed to his wife. Since the police could not come to a solution, all five women were asked to compromise with each other to initiate the last rites. None of them had marriage certificates.

Police found that he was going through financial constraints. He had no balance in his account.