New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday hit back at Rahul Gandhi over his repetitive attack at the Centre over demonetisation and Rafale deal. The party said that the Congress has no right to question the decisions taken by the Centre for the economy as it was deeply involved in corruption when in power. Also Read - Bengal Elections: BJP Will Not Hold Big Public Meetings Anymore, to Hand Out Masks to 6 Crore People

Launching a scathing attack on the Congress President, senior BJP leader Sambit Patra, while addressing a press conference, said that ‘your career will never launch because you lack facts’. Also Read - BJP Leaders From Outside Campaigning in Bengal Responsible For COVID-19 Surge: Mamata Banerjee

Adding further, he said, “The people of the country have rejected not only the Congress party but also the take of Mr Rahul Gandhi. You lack facts. You cannot use lies to build your political career. It won’t work.” Also Read - Rahul Gandhi Cancels West Bengal Poll Rallies Due To COVID Surge, Urges Other Leaders For Same

Claiming that the Congress rule was A to Z of corruption, Patra said, “A for Aadarsh Scam, B for Bofors Scam, C for CWG, D for Devas Antrix, E for Employee Guarantee Scheme Scam, F for Fodder Scam, G for Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam, H for Harsha Mehta Stock Market Scam, I for IPL scam, J for Junior Banking Officer’s Training Recruitment Scam, K for Ketan Parekh Market Scam, L for LIC Housing Scam, M for Madhu Koda Scam, N for Non-banking Financial Companies Scam, O for Oriental Banking Scam, P for Punjab State Council of Education Research and Training Scam, Q for Quest for Gold Scam, R for Ration Card Scam,  S for Satyam Scam, T for Telecom Scam, U for UTI Scam, V for Volkswagen Equity Scam, W for Westland Agusta Scam. X, Y and Z revelations won’t be made in just one day.”

The BJP’s press conference came a few hours after Rahul Gandhi termed demonetisation the country’s “biggest scam” and alleged that money was taken from common people and given to “crony capitalists”.

While referring to the RBI’s report on the outcome of the demonetisation exercise, he had said, “Prime Minister Modi should answer why he inflicted a deep wound like demonetisation when issues like unemployment and low GDP rate remained.” According to the report, over 99 per cent of the banned currency is back in banks.

Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley listed out the “positive impact” of note ban. He said that the invalidation of the non-deposited currency was not the only object of demonetisation but the aim was to move the country from a tax non-compliant society to a compliant society.