BJP leader Khushbu Sundar met with an accident near Melmaruvathur town in Tamil Nadu when a tanker rammed into her vehicle on Wednesday morning. However, she had a miraculous escape and didn’t suffer any injuries. Sundar was on her way to Cuddalore to participate in BJP’s Vel Yaatra campaign in Tamil Nadu ahead of the assembly election when the accident took place. An investigation has been launched into the incident. Also Read - Manusmriti Remarks Row: BJP's Khushbu Sundar Detained on Way to Protest Against VCK's Thirumavalavan

After escaping unhurt, she tweeted that she is safe and shared pictures of the badly damaged car.

In a tweet, she wrote, ”Met with an accident near Melmarvathur..a tanker rammed into us.With your blessings and God’s grace I am safe. Will continue my journey towards Cuddalore to participate in #VelYaatrai #Police are investigating the case. #LordMurugan has saved us. My husband’s trust in him is seen.”

In another tweet, she clarified that it was the container that hit her car and not the other way, adding that police are questioning the driver of the container to “rule out any foul play”.

“Request the press to understand that a container rammed into me and not the other way. My car was on the move in the right lane and this container came from nowhere and rammed into me. Police are investigating n questioning the driver to rule out any foul play,” she tweeted.

The actor-turned-politician recently resigned from the Congress party after alleging that she was being ‘pushed and suppressed’ by people who had no connect with ground reality. Hours after resigning from Congress, she joined the BJP on October 12, just months before the Tamil Nadu polls. As per reports, she was upset that she was not given a ticket in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and BJP has promised her to provide a seat in the 2021 Assembly Elections.

The noted actor, the wife of Tamil filmmaker Sundar C, has 200 films, soap operas and television shows to her credit.