Lucknow: The daughter of a BJP MLA Rajesh Misra from Uttar Pradesh and her husband are expected to opt for a registered marriage in court after their inter-caste wedding created a huge controversy.

Sakshi Misra, a Brahmin, allegedly married to Ajitesh Kumar, who belongs to a Dalit family.

Earlier, the priest of the temple, Parsuram, claimed that no wedding took place and that the marriage certificate was fake.

“Weddings do not take place here. No wedding has taken place here. We have not issued any marriage certificate. Nobody knows the person who is claiming to have got married here,” said Parsuram.

According to sources, the couple will appear in the Allahabad High Court where their petition will be taken up for hearing on July 15.

“They will get their marriage registered in court on July 16 after making a request to the court itself,” the sources said.

On Thursday, Sakshi posted a video on social media alleging that her life was in danger from her father after she married a Dalit man. In the video, she also asked the UP police for security.

The couple and Ajitesh’ father Harish Kumar have alleged that SSP Bareilly Muniraj G had refused to respond to their calls for protection and security.

However, after the matter hit the headlines, the SSP has now said that the couple would get police protection so that they can safely appear before the court.

(With IANS Inputs)