Jaipur: Rajasthan Cheif Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday took a swipe at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), saying that the way the country is being run, it looks headed towards the one-party rule, “like China”.

Further, he went on to tell all parties in alliance with the BJP, that “the people whose lap they are sitting on, those people don’t believe in democracy”.

“Any party in alliance with BJP must realise that the people whose lap you are sitting on, those people don’t believe in democracy. The way they’re running the country, no one has seen it before, like China, the country is moving towards one-party rule,” Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said.

This statement by the Congress leader comes at a time when the BJP and its alliance Shiv Sena are at loggerheads over the post of Maharashtra Chief Minister. Even though the elections concluded on October 24 with BJP winning 105 seats and Shiv Sena, 56 in Maharashtra Assembly election 2019, no consensus has so far been reached within the winning alliance as to who will assume the charge of CM.

The reports had it that Shiv Sena was adamant on its 50:50 formula. However, on Tuesday, incumbent CM Devendra Fadnavis claimed that there was no 50:50 agreement between the BJP and the Shiv Sena. This claim ensued acrimonious bickering between the BJP and Shiv Sena as the latter claimed that the BJP had earlier agreed on the condition of making the CM post rotational: 2.5 years with the BJP and the Sena each.

Earlier as well, on October 2, Gehlot took a dig at the BJP and its parent organisation- RSS, saying “What was their thinking 75 years back? Did they ever take names of Gandhi, Patel or Ambedkar? I believe it’s a victory for the thinking of Gandhi and Congress that RSS-BJP today have to take names of our leaders.”