New Delhi, April 30: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday yet again hit out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government after photos of Madhya Pradesh police aspirants with castes stamped on their bare chest went viral on social media. Photographs in various newspapers showed aspirants with SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe) and G (General) marked with sketch pens on their chests as they queued up for their medical examination, triggering a massive debate on social media. Also Read - Shatabdi Roy Meets Mamata's Nephew Abhishek Banerjee, Says She Is Not Leaving TMC

Joining the debate on micro-blogging site Twitter, Rahul attacked the ruling BJP, saying,”The casteist attitude of BJP government has stabbed  the nation. They have attacked the constitution by writing SC/ST on the chest of Madhya Pradesh’s youth (BJP sarkaar ke jativaad raviye ne desh ki chhati par chura mara hai. MP ke yuvaon ke seene par SC/ST likhkar desh ke samvidhan par humla kia hai).” Also Read - Subhra Kundu, Wife of Rose Valley Group Chief Gautam Kundu, Arrested By CBI

Furthermore, he stated, “This is the thinking of  BJP and RSS.  This thinking sometimes makes Dalits tie handi around their necks, broom on their bodies. They did not allow Dalits to enter the temple. We will defeat their ideology (Ye BJP/RSS ki soch hai. Yahi soch kabhi dalito ke gale me haandi bandhwati hai, sharir me jhadu bandhwati hai, mandir me ghusne nhi deti thi. Hum iss soch ko harayenge).”

Earlier on Sunday, an inquiry has been ordered into the incident. Speaking to PTI, Dhar Superintendent of Police Virendra Singh said that he had ordered an inquiry into the incident, to be conducted by a deputy SP rank officer. The incident occurred yesterday when the District Medical Board was carrying out the medical examination of these candidates,” he said.

Singh said those conducting the medical examination process had told police that the markings were made to tell apart candidates belonging to different categories as the physical requirements for each of these categories were different.

“However, they should have used other ways to differentiate. This is a serious matter,” the SP added.