New Delhi, September 28: The suicide note of the bureaucrat, BK Bansal, who sent shock waves across the country by committing suicide along with his entire family has come to light. The last letter written by Bansal blames the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for being the cause of his drastic action. Also Read - CBI Releases Official Statement on Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case, Read on

The bureaucrat accused senior officials of the CBI of torturing him and his family. BK Bansal alleged in his suicide note that an investigator from the CBI had claimed, “Your future generations will be scared of my name.” other than mentioning specifics of what was said to him, Bansal has also named the officers who were involved in his torture.  (ALSO READ: Wife, daughter of top bureaucrat BK Bansal, arrested by CBI, allegedly commit suicide) Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Father KK Singh Reacts to CBI Investigation a Year After Actor's Death

Bansal’s wife, Satyabala and daughter, Neha had already committed suicide two months ago while he was in jail. The remainder of the family which included Bansal and his son were found dead in their apartment yesterday. The entire ordeal for the bureaucrat began on  July 17 when he was arrested for accepting a nine-lakh bribe from a Mumbai firm in exchange for dropping an inquiry against it. Also Read - Now CBI Officials Cannot Sport Beard or Wear Jeans, T-shirts: Check Guidelines by New Director

In a twist of events,  Bansal’s death is set to be investigated by the very agency that allegedly tortured him to death. in his very last note, Bansal claimed that during his imprisonment, his daughter and wife were physically tortured by female officers of the CBI. He wrote that, while the lady officers were torturing his family, a superior urged them to increase the intensity of torture. Bansal claims that the boss said,  “Torture these women so much that they are almost dead.” Bansal further added, “These lady officers told my wife that they will chop me and my son into pieces and feed them to dogs.”These facts were informed to Bansal by the family’s neighbours when he returned from jail. By then, however, it was too late and the women in Bansal’s family were no more. (ALSO READ: BK Bansal, suspended corporate affairs ministry officer, son commit suicide)

The CBI has responded to the allegations by issuing a statement today. The statement reads, “We have today received the handwritten notes of BK Bansal and his son Yogesh Bansal from the Delhi police today. We have examined the matter and decided to probe the allegations. If any violation is established, strict action will be taken against the CBI officers mentioned and the competent court will be informed.” Bansal along with his son, Yogesh was last interrogated by the CBI on Monday . In life, 59-year-old Bansal served as a senior officer in the Corporate Affairs Ministry.

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