Idukki, Aug 7: The Kerala police on Monday revealed that the Kerala family, found murdered and stacked over one another in a pit, was killed by one of the victim’s students who was trained in black magic. The family of four had gone missing last month. The victims have been identified as 52-year-old K Krishnan, 50-year-old Susheela (Krishnan’s wife), 22-year-old daughter Arsha and 20-year-old son Arjun. Police have recovered a hammer and a knife from the house. Also Read - Odisha Man Kills His Aunt on Suspicion of 'Practicing Witchcraft', Enters Police Station With Her Severed Head

The Kerala incident was reported when suspicious neighbours peeked into the house and saw blood splattered all over. The police were immediately informed. On being searched around, the police found a patch of freshly-dug earth. When the police dug it again, four bodies, with deep stab wounds, stacked over one another were found. The police have suspected black magic behind these alleged murders as their neighbours also said that a case was registered against Krishnan for performing black magic and other occult rituals. Also Read - Delhi: Burari 'Horror House' That Saw Mass Suicide of 11 Members Finds New Tenants

The main accused has been identified as Aneesh, Krishnan’s student. Aneesh was trained in black magic. Lately, Aneesh had found out that his powers had not been working for a few months and blamed Krishnan for it. He suspected that Krishnan had taken away all of his powers. “He was conspiring along with an accomplice Lijin to kill Krishnan and to get back his powers,” a police official said. The police have arrested Lijin and are looking for Aneesh. Also Read - Revenge and Black Magic: Man Murdered Because Mom Did 'Kala Jadu'

“Aneesh and Lijin reached Krishnan’s house the night of July 29. They took off the fuse of the house. Hearing the goats cry and chaos in the cattle shed, Krishnan came out of the house. He was attacked with an iron rod…His wife…was also attacked. Soon their children were also killed…The next evening, they returned around 11, and realised that Krishnan’s son was alive. They stabbed him…then dug a pit and buried the four, one over the other,” Idukki District Police Chief KB Venugopal told NDTV.

The incident came a month after 11 members of a family were found hanged in their home in Delhi’s Burari area. The family was allegedly performing black magic and performed the “ritual hanging” to attain “Moksha”.