New Delhi, September 3: The Supreme Court has refused to disclose the report and deliberations of the Special Investigative Committee, constituted to probe the black money accounts in Swiss banks. The apex court said on Thursday that it will neither give the report to the petitioners, nor will it make the report public, since the SIT has requested the report and deliberations be kept under wraps. Also Read - Supreme Court To Start 'Hybrid Mode' Hearings on Experimental Basis From March 15

The SIT is scheduled to submit its next report on October 7 and the next hearing is scheduled for October 28. Swiss government also announced on Thursday that it’s reworking its rules which could allow it to share information with countries who want to track down tax evaders on the basis of leaked data from banks. Earlier it the country’s bank policies had been strictly in the favour of providing privacy to the people who had accounts there. Also Read: Black money: Swiss banks ask Indians to use compliance window Also Read - There Should be Some Screening: Supreme Court Seeks OTT Regulations From Centre

The issue about Indian money stashed away in Swiss bank accounts came to light in 2008 when Herve Falciani, an IT employee with HSBC, released the details of citizens from different countries who held accounts at the bank in Geneva. France had then passed on the details of more than 600 Indian accounts to Delhi. The SIT was then constituted in an attempt to identify tax violators and recover black money. Also Read - Dissent Cannot be Termed Seditious, Says Supreme Court; Junks Plea Against Farooq Abdullah