New Delhi: In what can only be described as a stunning ‘twist in the tale’, the Delhi Police’s investigation into the infamous ‘Bois Locker Room‘ case has revealed that a comment about ‘gang-rape’, that triggered widespread outrage, was never made on the now-removed Instagram group, and was, in fact, made by a girl, allegedly to test a boy’s response. Also Read - Bois Locker Room: Parents Must Teach Kids 'Gender Sensitivity' & Proper Social Media Use, Say Experts

The comment, the police investigations have revealed, was actually made on Snapchat and was being shared on social media alongside those on the Bois Locker Room group, and, as a result, got mixed up. Also Read - Bois Locker Room: 'There Was No Bad Motive, Group Was Formed Just For Fun', Says Whistleblower

Neither the girl, who posed as one ‘Siddharth’, nor the boy, to whom the messages were sent, are members of the Bois Locker Room group, the police said, adding that no case will be registered against either of them as though creating a fake id is wrong, the girl’s intent was not malicious. Also Read - Shahid Kapoor's Wife Mira Expresses Her Feelings Over Bois Locker Room Row, Says 'They Should be Taught About Consent''

The girl, the police said, wanted to ‘check the reaction of the receiver boy and the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about her.’

The boy refused to participate in the fake plan, and stopped communicating with her. He, however, discussed it with his friends, including the girl, and shared a screenshot. The girl, knowing it was her who started the discussion, didn’t report the incident, the police further said.

One of the boy’s friends shared the screenshot on Instagram and that’s when it went viral on social media.

Thus far, the Delhi Police have identifed a total of 24 members of the group. Last week, the group admin was arrested, and a juvenile, too, has been apprehended.