New Delhi, Dec 26 Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) today unveiled a cook book on smart nutritious food for children undergoing cancer treatment.Fiesta Cook Book is slated to be useful for the parents who struggle to ensure that good nutrition is given to their immune-compromised children throughout their lives. (ALSO READ:Fire breaks out in Kolkata Dum Dum Park, one killed ) Also Read - Cancer Recovery Diet: Foods to Include in Your Diet After Cancer Treatment

Two of India’s well-known chefs — country’s first Junior Master Chef Sarthak Bhardwaj and Chef Aditya Jaimini who featured in India’s Top 20 Chefs — curated the recipes to ensure a hygienic and balanced nutrition for children with cancer.”This book has been a result of hard work by a group of doctors and enthusiastic support from the chefs. I sincerely hope this book is useful for large number of parents for whom nutrition and food remain a major issue to deal with their children with cancer,” said Dr Guari Kapoor, Director, Pediatric Hemato-Oncology, RGCIRC. Also Read - Small Delays in Cancer Treatment Can Up Death Risk By 10%: Study

Cancer and its treatments affect a child’s appetite, tolerance to different foods, and the body’s ability to use nutrients. Eating the right kinds of food before, during, and after treatment can help a child feel better and stay stronger, Kapoor explained.”Safety of food, its nutrient value and ways of delivery are key to the success of treatment of cancer in children. Also Read - Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise to Change Prostate Cancer Treatment

This book empowers parents to bring a paradigm shift in the way they address this problem. This guide can help them learn about their child’s nutritional needs and its importance in cancer treatment,” Kapoor said.It is estimated that 70-90 per cent of childhood cancer is curable depending on the treatment of protocols and the child’s response to the treatment.

“I always wanted to create special recipes for children, and what better way to fulfil this dream than to do this for my little friends who need it the most. I was delighted when approached by RGCIRC for this noble cause. I am sure children would freak out on my recipes,” said Sarthak.